Wednesday, January 25, 2012

sunsets and a few of my pets.

A lovely blue sky.
I always like to think that god paints the sunsets.

I want to make a painting of this one.

This is one of my outside cats his name is Zack he is my newest Farrel but he is almost tamed.

Or, maybe I should pick this one to paint I am still undecided.

This another of my cats her name is Jacqueline. She is the second cat I have tamed, and she is the sweetest.
My crazy silly cute and ever so annoying goat Itsy.


  1. Hi,
    How DARE you say Itsy is annoying!!!! She is the most amazing goat. She is soo sweet....

  2. Thanks sophie and gator then you don't know itsy I woke to her slaming the glass door this morning hoping to god it doesn't brake like she did to the other one but I do love her dearly.