Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My second post : )

Today was a great day. I had dance, and got to learn more of my recital at dance class. It was so much fun. My theme is the phantom of the opera,  and the song is Masquerade. Ugg.... I still have that song stuck in my head!!!!! For dinner we had chicken allfredo, yummy.

One of my favorite Tv shows are coming on tonight, Jane by Design. I love that show. And tomorow I have school, blehh.... why can't it be a weekend every day? I am one hundred percent not a person that likes school, but hating it doesn't change the fact that I still have to do it!

One of the new things I am learning is spanish, or trying to at least. I knew it was gonna be hard but its just plain aggrivating! I have a kinda good grade but I wish it was better, and my other new thing is blogging. I will see if it works out because I am one of those people who will be super exited about something, do it for a little while, then get bored. But so far I am enjoying it! 

                              For now, sweet dreams of mouses with mustaches                 


  1. Hey there! It's Sophie from Capturing It! I don't know why you want me to design your blog, it's perfect! :)